Arbortech carving blades are unique in that they can shave wood from the most unusual shaped wood. The blades are attached to 100mm to 115mm angle grinders.  Ideal for larger wood sculpturing, the arbortech blades remove wood quickly and effortlessly.  Their hard wearing blades give hours of use before needing resharpened. 
  • New gouge produced by Arbortech for profile carving
  • The ultimate powered woodcarver; the Arbortech cutting disc with tungsten tips will tackle the hardest of timbers, included reclaimed timber with included dirt and other debris. This unique tool, made to fit most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders, is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with three tungsten carbide teeth
  • Reaches into areas where standard Arbortech will not, 150mm long arm allows work to be carried out in confined spaces
  • High power 750W electric motor for easy timber removal in the hardest woods. Ideal for precision joints, recesses, rebates and corners. Great detail and control possible
  • The TURBOShaft is a power carving attachment for use fitted to a 100mm (4") or 115mm (4.1/2") angle grinder. Designed to complement the Arbortech TURBO range or as a stand-alone tool.
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