Kreg Tools

  • Kreg router tables are known around the world for their design to allow the user to design their own bespoke router tables. Kreg offer all the accessories to build your own bespoke router table to the highest quality. Suitable for all types of woodworkers including the professional to the DIY'er and handyman. Woodworkers can create a permanent workshop machine or a portable unit for on site use. Router tables are used to create shaped moulding for skirtings, decorative mouldings around furniture, various edges for tables and furniture. There is a large selection of router bit heads for creating mouldings, grooves, chamfers and edging. Router bits for router machines come in 1/4" and 1/2" shaft diameters. The 1/4" is favoured for light trim work in soft woods. The larger 1/2" is used for hard and soft woods requiring a deeper cut. These machines generally have a much higher rpm speed to provide a smooth finish.