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A wide selection of hand and power tool carving knives and chisels from around the world. High quality steel keeps the edge on the knives to prolong a sharpened edge. Our range will suit all carvers from beginners to the professional, there is something for everyone.
Kreg Tool
Kreg Tool are the innovators of pocket hole joinery. They are widely copied by other manufacturers, but never bettered. All Kreg Tool products are uniquely designed for the professional carpenter and the DIY enthusiast. Their ease of use, and professional results make using Kreg Tool joinery equipment a must for all keen wood workers, joiners and carpenters.
Miller Dowel
Unique doweling system from Miller. A stepped wood dowel in differing wood types is used to join wood similar to standard wood dowels. However, these are used to show a contrast in wood colours which enhances the look and finish.
The Nobex Champion has the biggest capacities of any mitre saw - up to 180mm in depth and 125mm at 45°. Accurate to 0.08 of a degree. Features include indexable mitre angle setting, grooves on the table surface for cutting compound angles, a fast-action work clamp which operates on angled as well as straight surfaces, a repeat length stop, an adjustable depth stop and a device for holding the saw clear of the table whilst the work is positioned
Wood Rasp files have extended cutting shards to remove/shape large area's of wood,
We are now proud to be able to offer the famous brand from the USA, Rockler. Specialising in Woodworking and hardware, we have a selection of woodworking tool aids to assist you in your projects. Items now available, assist in gluing, machine safety and workshop accessories.
Tormek professional sharpening system is No.1 for wood workers. Using jigs to set up your tool, they can be relocated exactly to re-sharpen your tools over and over.
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